Sorry to say this, but we have a very strict no cancellation and no refund policy. We request all our customers to be careful while placing an order. There are multiple redundancies in place on our website that prevent an order from being “accidentally” placed in several unlikely scenarios including but not limited to –

  1. Dropping your phone and accidentally pressing checkout!.
  2. By your dog (unless he has his own debit card !)
  3. Remotely by Russian/Chinese hackers.
  4. (That’s all we can think of for now. Feel free to suggest more unlikely scenarios to us and we’ll add it here,- and give you credit for it.)

In the event that you would like to “modify” the contents of an order, this can be accommodated if your parcel is yet to be shipped. Keep in mind though that no money can be refunded. This option can be availed to add more books to your order. The appropriate shipping charge increment will be added as well as we get charged for shipping based on weight.

Please use the WhatsApp button to message us and someone from our team will help assist you.